Monday 8 April 2019

Falafel in Pitta

Falafel in pitta bread with salad
There are falafel recipes all over the internet, so there's not much point in this one, especially as it isn't vegan. But if you're not vegan, the egg makes it much easier to handle, and it's really tasty. I've been making these for so many years that I've got no recollection of where the recipe came from, but I'm sure I've accidentally modified it over the years. It uses tinned chickpeas for ease and lack of forward planning, and is closely related to my vegetarian sausage recipe.

Brexit 1975

Brexit has totally taken over politics, it's depressing and confusing and I can't think of anything to say about it which won't turn into nonsense by this evening.

So I suggest listening to this fascinating 15 minute piece which was on Radio 4 this afternoon. It's about the last time there was a brexit referendum, in 1975. The parallels are kind of unsurprising, but remarkable all the same:

Tagliatelle with Mushroom

Quick tagliatelle with mushroom in a cream sauceIt feels as though summer is round the corner. Well maybe not so much today, but yesterday was nice. So instead of soup, here's a simple pasta dish which doesn't involve a tin of tomatoes, and is really quick and easy to make. It will serve two as a lunch or light supper. Add garlic bread if you want something a little more substantial.